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Welcome to the Syrian Language Wiki!


Arabic-based languages (so-called "dialects") are not given much attention by anyone, including linguistics in academia and even speakers of those languages themselves. In short, Arabic-based languages (like Syrian) are considered and being dealt with just like a dead dialect with zero significance or importance. While on the other hand, reality is always confirming the fact that Syrian (just like any other Arabic "dialect") is different from original Arabic just like Italian is to original Latin. However, speakers of Arabic-based languages are living in delusion thinking they speak Arabic. While it seems just a terminological conflict presented here, but still, we have to keep fighting that particular conflict (by telling the truth.) Personally, I started this wiki as an unofficial yet meaningful attempt to attract language-learners to this special and beautiful language (i.e the Syrian language.)

This wiki is created to serve two goals, namely:

  1. Providing good and exclusive educational materials on the subject of the Syrian language.
  2. Making the first step toward the formalization of the Syrian language.

I know we have a very long way to achieve these goals. But we have just begun! If you speak Syrian (whether natively or not) and want to contribute, see this section.

How to contribute

Everyone who speaks or knows Syrian (beginner or advanced, native or fluent) is welcomed to help in expanding and enhancing this wiki. We'd appreciate your contribution very much.

Currently, we have this TODO list to achieve:

  1. Writing a full article about the Syrian alphabet, Syrian language, and Arabic dialects.
  2. Associating useful resources for pronunciation and writing.
  3. Creating a section about basic Syrian grammar.
  4. Associating words to a dictionary or founding a new one.
  5. Optimizing the wiki (eg. designing a better logo)

And thank you in advance!